Google and numbers

Personal research: What are the web sites best ranked for a Google search on the first figures? The results are… interesting: 0 : (Google search) 1 : (Google search) 2 : (Google search) 3 : UK telephone operator (Google search) 4 : TV channel (Google search) 5 : TV… Read More

YouTube starts ads, TubeStop stops ads

Google announced, soon after its buying of YouTube, that it wouold add some advertisment on the amateur video web site. This is now what they did. But it did not leave the software developers insensitive: TubeStop is a FireFox plug-in that hides or closes that ads in YouTube to keep the same pleasure without the… Read More

News from the P2P front line

It has been quite some time that I did not write about the P2P news. They start popping up everywhere and it is time to talk about the wonderful things happening right under our eyes. First, the Internet users start to find again -in Europe- some protection since a decision from the European Justice Court:… Read More

Watch TV online for free

OK, I know that I don’t have TV because I don’t want to be continuously force-fed with mindless junk. However, plenty of people would like to be able to have their TV on the Internet. Up to now, you were mostly depending on your ISP and possibly some subscription additional to your basic broadband Internet… Read More

Music without limits

The recent news lead me to talk again about digital music and its cohabitation (or lack of) with network technology. As a matter of fact, we learn this week that our new French President is in favor of a strong action against pirated music and downloads. This is not very new, indeed, but the confirmation… Read More

Azureus configuration

In the world of P2P, Bittorrent is clearly the protocol of choice for big file transfers. This is true for videos (pirated or not), for GNU/Linux dsitribution CD-ROMs, for collections of photographic images, etc. Among the Bittorrent-compatible P2P software applications, Azureus is clearly the one that receives the favors of the greatest public. It is… Read More