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  • Shanghai IDF 2008: Assistance needs assistance

    Intel has several Developer forums per year in the world. In Spring 2008, they went to Shanghai in order to reveal the future of computers, mobile data and processors. Oddly enough, I also was in Shanghai at the same time. I observed not the forum itself, but people going to the Forum (located in the…

  • DRAM nightmares

    Actually, this is DRAM manufacturers that have these nightmares. While prices have been regularlyfalling down for months (consumers love it), the financial results of most of the manufacturers are falling through the floor. It has been quite long in the making, but we can expect that there will be some consolidation when some manufacturer close…

  • AMD starts shipping 3-core Phenom

    2008 will be the year of the triple core CPU. AMD started to ship the Phenom chips in various configurations. As said before, this is a great way for AMD to differentiate itself, but the prices are not expected to go down immediately. Either because AMD does not want to shoot itself in the foot…

  • 13 dual core CPUs: AMD is loosing it

    13 dual core CPUs: AMD is loosing it

    According to a nice comparison article facing Intel and AMD on dual core CPUs (at XBit Labs), Intel is now the best supplier for processors: at the same price, its CPU are more powerful, except for games where the cheaper AMD ones are leveling the ground. AMD, wake up!

  • Phenom, incompatible with existing AM2 motherboards?

    This is more or less what has to be concluded from reading the articles currently published about the compatibility (more supposed than real) between the new AMD 4-core processor and the existing AM2-socket motherboards. But it seems that AMD will have to be a little more patient. This is not a very good omen for…

  • VIA ends its forays into CPU chipsets

    According to Apply Daily (via Digitimes), VIA reorganized itself with the consequence that they will concentrate on their own line of CPUs and supporting chipsets, leaving the chipsets for Intel and AMD aside.