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  • What is RSS?

    There are two ways to read this post, one is to go to the web site and to look at the pages; The other is to check the RSS news feed (). If the number of visits is the judge, there are only very slim chances that you know about the mere existence of the…

  • WordPress 2.3 – It’s show time!

    All WordPress users should know that their prefered tool for creating a web site has just been upgraded. WordPress 2.3 is now ready and rolled into the public.

  • How to set RSS feeds as your desktop

    Want the top news you’re interested in without opening up a browser? There is a way to do it in just six steps if you are willing to exploit the RSS feeds made available by most news web sites. Instructibles (via Download Squad).

  • WordPress 2.3 will come on September 20th

    WordPress is currently preparing a new version 2.3 that will bring new possibilities to work together (multi-author blogs and web sites) and to enrich the articles/posts. We should see the final 2.3 version on September 20th.

  • Nouvelle fonctionalité : articles similaires

    You may remark (or may not) the appearance of a new feature on this web site: on each individual post page, there is now a little list of similar articles. It is intended to help you discover new articles that you may not know but are related to the post your are reading at this…

  • Fight SPAM and scan books

    Fight SPAM and scan books

    It is well known that the human brain has pattern matching capabilities much further advanced than those of the best equivalent software programs. This explains that failure rates of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program may be as high as 1% (or even 2%) of errors, which is requiring later human proof-reading to ensure a reasonable…