Category: Color laser

  • Danse with the ferrous particles

    Magnetic ferrous particules from the toner cartridge of a laser printer danse on the invisible lines of the magnetic field of a magnet. Compressed 01 from Kim Pimmel on Vimeo.

  • How a book was made?

    Remember! This was long before the text reading on the screen of your mobile phone. We were using books made out of… paper. I kid you not! Here is how they made books in this long-gone era: YouTube link

  • Is it Arial or Helvetica?

    Is it Arial or Helvetica?

    Max Miedinger (24 décembre 1910 à Zurich, Suisse – 8 mars 1980, Zurich, Suisse) était un créateur typographique. Il est surtout connu pour avoir créé Helvetica en 1957.

  • Zoom into the Mandelbrot set

    The fashion of drawing fractals is a memory of the past (it was probably linked to the first appearance of computers able to collate the computing power for the needed calculations and the display capacity for complex images). But the pleasure is all mine to find this HD video which sends us into a Mandelbrot…

  • Scan a book like a pro

    Scan a book like a pro

    The document scanner has long been a tool of the most usual appearance and scanning a digital copy of a document is now of such ease that anybody can do it. Nevertheless, there is a large gap between a pro scan of a full book and the slightly better than average Xerox-like copy that we…

  • Find your free wallpapers with Google

    Find your free wallpapers with Google

    If you’re like most people, you’d like to have pretty wallpaper on your desktop background. You can always go to wallpaper web sites but most of them are choke-full of ads and they always provide the same usual set. How about getting new ones? Use Google. Now, Google is able to search images by size.…