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  • Your printer in a video clip

    See what can be done with a few HP printers, a lot of free time and quite a load of imagination. HP – invent from Tom and Matt on Vimeo. Vimeo link

  • New printers at

    2009 starts with some new equipment in home: An HP LaserJet 1005. The lowest B&W laser I could find at HP (I am faithful to this brand even if the last LaserJet 1022 failed suddenly far before the end of its normal useful life). It’s a Windows-based printer used on the local network, but…

  • Surprise! You can find color in B&W photos

    Surprise! You can find color in B&W photos

    This is easy to reduce a color photo to a B&W image (any photo software or any B&W photocopier can do it). But the reverse operation seems difficult at best, impossible in most cases. However, a team of French scientists from the French INRIA (Guillaume Charpiat, Matthias Hofmann et Bernhard Schölkopf) presented recently an algorithm…

  • Big money

    Big money

    Sometimes, the economy is not faring well, sometime it’s too good. In both cases, it may lead to astonishing bills. I found some cases, I really loved. The biggest single US dollar bill This is not even really a bill since it’s more a tool to manage gold exchanges in an economy that was based…

  • Online color thesaurus

    Online color thesaurus

    Would you know what colour cerulean is? Or peach? Or spruce? Or watermelon? Or plum? Or rust? The HP online color thesaurus is a great way to identify these and to get the precise formal definition of such colours. You type in a name, and it will give you the color, similar ones and anonyms.

  • Color laser printers: 12 to compare

    It is already an old tradition of this site that we keep repeating that color laser printers, without being able to do full photo-quality printing, progressed to the point where they are priced reasonably (often less than $300 and with a price-per-page that is strictly out of range for inkjet printers). Beyond the comparisons already…