PC price trends

Currently, I am wandering a lot around the the web sites for OEM suppliers to manufacturers of micro-computers. This leads me to observe some apparent trends (at least in the opinions of the experts) that could be of interest if you intend to buy PC hardware in the coming months.

  • DRAM memory: All the observers announce plumetting prices, they only discuss the speed of fall. Prices in September will be much lower than today and Vista is not yet ready to push the demand up.
  • NAND Flash memory: The market is strangled by demand, SAMSUNG announced that they will increase their production capacity of 90% by year’s end, but in the mean timen prices should climb steeply.
  • CPU: The price war between Intel and AMD is not supposed to stop any time soon. Intel seems to be trying to strangle AMD (and they could well succeed if AMD marketing plans are late this year). Double core and Quad core CPUs are driving the market.
  • LCD display screens: Prices are oriented downward, but only slightly and for small sizes (including laptop screens) the demand is such that we can expect a slight price climb in the coming months.
  • B&W laser printers: In the US, HP started a amazing price fall (entry point going far under 100$) even if nobody really knows why (new laser products coming? upcoming low cost color lasers? entirely something else?)

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