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  • Steal Microsoft Office!

    Even if I persist in advising you not to pirate-copy MS-Office, not to download Word, Excel or PowerPoint but to download OpenOffice for free, I can’t resist to the temptation to give some echo to a Microsoft proposal. Steal Office! MS-Office is still out of reach for normal people around $400 (for this price you…

  • Download Microsoft Office for free (on Apple Mac)

    Download Microsoft Office for free (on Apple Mac)

    Really! Who would like to have Microsoft Office. It’s expensive. If you donwload it for free, it’s just illegal. However, you can download the excellent Neo Office for OS/X (a Mac OS/X port of OpenOffice). It’s now available.

  • A faster OpenOffice

    Rather than downloading a pirated copy of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), I keep repeating that you should try a free download of OpenOffice. But some people complain that it is too slow. I am not of this opinion, but I found a post about how to accelerate OpenOffice on an Ubuntu GNU/Linux. But this…

  • 100 applications for your USB key

    Portable apps for a portable USB key. Portable Office Software Portable Email/Calendar/ToDo Programs Portable Text and Voice Messengers Portable Media Tools (Audio / Video) Portable Graphics Viewers and Image Editors Portable Browsers and Web Tools (FTP, Feedreaders, Torrent clients…) Portable Security Software Portable Games Other Portable Utilities Portable Developer Tools (Techies Only) All-In-One Packages Portable…

  • Color-blindness and software specification

    Color-blindness and software specification

    Do you happen to know that 5% of all male population is actually affected by some form of color-blindness (females are much less prone to it). It means that plenty of activities that tend to rely on color identification by the user is significantly flawed for about 2-3% of the user population. This can become…

  • 101 freeware and shareware programs

    Software programs to do anything you want with your PC if you are a bit more geeky than most but do not want to pay much. Freeware & shareware.