Find your free wallpapers with Google

If you’re like most people, you’d like to have pretty wallpaper on your desktop background. You can always go to wallpaper web sites but most of them are choke-full of ads and they always provide the same usual set. How about getting new ones? Use Google. Now, Google is able to search images by size.… Read More

The space shuttle as wallpaper

The larger our displays, the tougher it gets to find adequate wallpapers. NASA (through a sélection from Chamorro) comes to our resscue with these exceptionnaly beautiful high-resolution images. Our computer will have a hig-technology look even in 4000×3000 pixels. You can notice that these images being free of copyright will allow to produce impressive posters… Read More

Hug a shark today!

Sharks are amazing killing machines, very efficient predators of the seas. But they are not only that. They also have some behaviors that could be described as interesting, astonishing, amazing, curious or mind-boggling (depending on your state of mind and what you think about the interaction between sharks and divers). YouTube link May I parallel… Read More

An SLR camera + some software = three videos

Fabian Tischer is obviously gifted to create small videos from visual effects supposed to be simple (but actually quite tough to master) in order to offer us some cool movies: Berlin TV tower – lift off from Fabian Tischer on Vimeo. Insider footage showing NASA’s strange theft of famous Berlin landmark. little airport from Fabian… Read More

The map of my trips

Nairobi, Kenya Rangiroa, Polynésie française Biarritz, France Lourdes, France Paris, France Rambouillet, France Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud Bilbao, Espagne Grenade, Espagne Madrid, Espagne Séville, Espagne Manchester, UK Dublin, Irlande Galway, Irlande Cuiaba, Brésil Tefe, Brésil New York, État de New York, États-Unis San Francisco, Californie, États-Unis Voir mon profil Créez votre propre carte… Read More

Firefox: more than Internet Explorer

I am not sure that this is exact all over the Internet, but I just noticed that this is true for YLovePhoto, one of my web sites: There are more visitors using Firefox than Internet Explorer. Then, I checked for itself, and I noticed the same situation: It appears that Firefox is moving very… Read More