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  • Nikon D700, photos

    Nikon D700, photos

    So, the tiger is out of the cage and we know most of it. The Nikon D700 has been seen today with various photos and sources. The French post on pixelistes.com Nikon D700 (full scan from Profifoto magazine)

  • Nikon D700 already in Germany

    Here it comes! The German photo magazine ProfiFoto is just out in the stands (with a little delay probably designed to ensure compliance with the Non-Disclosure Agreements -NDA- about the Nikon D700) with a this description of the new Nikon D700: Nikon D3 sensor: Full Frame, 12 MP Dust cleaning on the sensor 200-6400ISO From…

  • Nikon D700, next week

    Nikon D700, next week

    There is so much uncoordinated turmoil on the Internet and all around the world (at Nikon, at distributors, at vendors) that it seems now warranted that the Nikon D700 -a sort of Full-Frame-sensored Nikon D300 or affordable Nikon D3- will be launched early next week.

  • Nikon D90

    While it is difficult to find any ground for these speculations, people keep repeating that Nikon is about to announce simultaneously a Nikon D700 high-end DSLR camera and a lower-end Nikon D90 to provide an able DSLR for most photographers. It seems that most of the original information comes from Thom Hogan’s web site and…

  • Nikon D700 confirmed (by Nikon)

    Surprisingly, the information collected about the upcoming Nikon D700 digital SLR camera seems to have been confirmed indirectly by several sources. French magazine Chasseur d’Image went to the extreme of reporting about it “as a rumour confirming the information they already have”. And a Nikon representative said that the manual pages that were used to…

  • Nikon D700

    Nikon D700

    Nikon may have succeeded in surprising a lot of people with the next arrival of a Nikon D700 (and not the still-expected Nikon D3x), new digital single lens reflex camera for the high-end stopping in between the Nikon D300 (very nice semi-pro SLR camera) and the Nikon D3 (first great Full Frame SLR from the…