Download free Nero 8 CD/DVD burner

We are told that the newest version of Nero 8, the disc burner software for CD and DVD (I love that silly “Nero: Burning ROM” tag line), is available. It does everything, but aren’t we still left wondering whether it’s not a little too expensive when we could download it for free (but legally)?

For some time already, I have been recommending CDBurnerXP, free software program that I found always able to do all the burning tasks I threw at it. CDBurnerXP just received an upgrade (download CDBurnerXP 4):

CDBurnerXP - About dialog

  • Support for burning Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, and Double layer DVDs
  • Support for FLAC audio files
  • Disc to Disc copy for audio and data
  • Save discs and compilations as ISO files
  • Support for WPL playlists

But there is even more freedom: InfraRecorder is not only free but also open source. It runs under Windows and can be downloaded freely.

Stop looking for a pirated version of Nero 8. Download it for free, just better: free and legal.

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98 Responses to “Download free Nero 8 CD/DVD burner”

  1. Tayyab Says:

    I need it.

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Says:

    So, follow the link and download it.

  3. ramasamy Says:


  4. caroline Says:


  5. caroline Says:

    saludos cordiales

  6. suresh Says:

    this is the very good software

  7. Yves Roumazeilles Says:

    The latest version 4.2.3 of CD-Burner XP Pro has the following key features:

    • burn all kinds of discs
    • audio-CDs with or without gaps between tracks
    • burn and create ISO files
    • data verification after burning process
    • create bootable discs
    • multi-language interface
    • bin/nrg → ISO converter, simple cover printing and much more!
    • Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/Windows 7

    Always an excellent software program. Much better than Nero, in my eyes.

  8. newland Says:

    i want to get nero 8 because i want to write cd and dvd. thank

  9. ahmed Says:

    thanks a lot

  10. ahmed Says:

    with best regards for your team

  11. fern p Says:

    Do I have to remove Nero Essentials 7 before downloading Nero8 or will it overide my old version withought leaving unecessaries behind?

  12. Yves Roumazeilles Says:

    If you buy Nero 8, it should upgrade quietly. If you download the demo, don’t expect anyhting as good as what you’d like.

    If you download and install another software (like CDBurnerXP), everything is OK again.

  13. mathew Says:

    it’s a good software

  14. Krish Says:

    the best things to do the work

  15. sunny Says:

    disc burner dvd

  16. Joachim Says:

    Hej Svejs!

  17. sherif Says:


  18. vivek Says:

    bad nero 7 it`s not working properly

  19. vela Says:


  20. vela Says:

    Download free Nero 8

  21. lethodesigner Says:

    thanks you

  22. dada Says:

    i want to have nero 8 burner because my hard disk is reachiing its capacity..

  23. birhanu shanko Says:

    i need to down load nero burner for fee free. thank you

  24. birhanu shanko Says:

    send me nero burner software. thank you

  25. Amrik Singh Says:

    Please send me nero8 burner software.thank you

  26. jolen Says:

    please send me nero8 burner..thank you

  27. baba Says:

    gud nice

  28. baba Says:

    Please send me nero8 cd and dvd burner software.thank you

  29. arnel Says:

    i dont have a nero installed right now,and my disc free capacity are to low.could you please down load me a copy of nero 8. thanks in advance.

  30. Yves Roumazeilles Says:


    I had enough capacity on my external drive. So, no problem, I downloaded a copy here for you.

    You are welcome…

  31. jayan Says:

    i do not have a nero installed right now,and my disc free capacity are to low.could you please down load me a copy of nero 8.

  32. jayan Says:

    my disc free capacity are to low.could you please down load me a copy of nero 8.

  33. Yves Roumazeilles Says:

    I can’t believe that is the second person unable to fully grasp the meaning of “download”…

    How could anybody donwload you a copy of anything?

  34. Mohammad Says:

    Nero is a very good software. Please send me nero 8 cd and dvd burner software.thank you

  35. Mohammad Says:

    Please send me nero8 cd and dvd burner software.thank you

  36. safaa Says:

    its very good softwere please send me nero8 cd and dvd burner swftwere

  37. praveen Says:

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  38. praveen Says:

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  39. praveen Says:

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  40. sundarrajan Says:

    this software is very nice

  41. Zia Says:

    i need it very much so i want to download it

  42. jose luis quijano Says:

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  44. sisay Says:

    I need it very much so i want to download it

  45. alimassi Says:

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  46. Abraham P Usman Says:

    I love nero8

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  48. marimuthu Says:

    i trust nero

  49. eddy Says:

    its very good softwere please send me nero8 cd and dvd burner swftwere

  50. chad Says:

    Please send me nero 8 cd and dvd burner

  51. Yves Roumazeilles Says:

    I will certainly not do that, but I guess that, if you do read the post, you’ll find a great free software program to replace it.

  52. victor_pervez Says:

    i want downloard nero 8 cd and dvd burner

  53. victor_pervez Says:

    how to downlord nero 8 cd and dvd burner

  54. tshepo Says:

    can u help me download nero coz that is the most easy bunner and is fast

  55. tshepo Says:

    i want to download nerodvd/cd bunner

  56. NEO Says:

    i want to download nero 8

  57. stan Says:

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  58. John Majors Says:

    Follwnloadow the link and
    February 25, 2010

  59. Santana Says:

    I want to download nero 8

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    i want to download nero and an antivirus

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  63. Raju umar Says:

    Its a luvly site,more grease to your elbow,thanks.

  64. alexander Says:

    nero is good

  65. m. saifuddin zuhri Says:

    nero 8 is perfect application,

  66. Carlito garcia Says:

    thank you by nero

  67. Carlito garcia Says:

    Gracia por el nero

  68. Carlito garcia Says:

    I want Nero without virus.

  69. umair Says:

    Its good Software(Neoro)Best of luck

  70. AJAY BAJAJ Says:

    i cant say anything about it

  71. bhuban Says:

    i need to doun load nero cd burner pls how to i can receve

  72. Arshed Says:

    full day i will tring to downlod but i can’t

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  74. upul Says:

    Thanks neero

  75. Lu├şs Malabde da Fonseca Says:

    I like nero very match.

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  79. Poran Says:

    I would like to have a cd for the nero.
    Thank very much.
    Actually I am from Mauritius.
    Gaw Poran

  80. umasankar Says:

    Thanks to nero

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    thanks veryyyyyyyy much :)

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    i want to download nero dvd writer but i cant

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