Free movie: The night of the living dead

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The grand-daddy of all gore and zombie movies. A cult movie. George Romero invented nearly all when he did this film. A group of people isolated from the rest of the world in a farm is assaultd by flesh-eating and blood-thirsty zombies (living dead eating human flesh). This is not a big budget movie. But it set the pace for all future films of the gore-zombie genre allowing crude special effects that are still used in today’s productions (like the 2002 28 days later…)


The fall of a NASA space probe back from Venus submit inhabitants of a rural United States countryside to high level of radiations. Recently deceased are turned into a living deads eagerly looking for fresh human flesh. A man and a woman take refuge in a farm they believe was abandonned, but find other people hiding in the basement. They will try to find the ways of survival in fighting together against the endless stream of zombies.

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