Canon EOS 40D

Here is a scoop again for digital single lens reflex cameras (D-SLR). Canon, after announcing its 400D (follower of the successful 350D) starts renovating the upper market segment. The EOS 30D seriously needed to freshen up a bit in view of the competition, this is what comes with the 40D.

  • 10 mega-pixels (instead of 8MP)
  • Sensor auto-cleaning (Canon decided to share it all over the digital SLR cameras)
  • 9 point autofocus (coming from the 30D, already extended to the 350D; This won’t help the 40D to differentiate from the lowest segments)
  • 5 frames per second (exactly like the 30D)
  • Memory: Compact Flash (Not the “amateur-looking” SD like the Nikon D80)

Nothing Earth-shattering, but if, like me, you expect the very good image quality of the 20D and 30D (or better), you can expect a deep interest from the Canon lovers.

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Canon logoAdditional information in a more recent post.

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  1. How is the use of SD cards amateurish? smaller, less likely to damage, just as fast, just as big and…. cheaper! I Guess that the Canon 1DS Mark II is an “amateur” camera because it useses SD cards too!

  2. The issue is not whether the SD cards are amateur or not. But most people already using a D-SLR have CompactFlash slabs available. Virtually all D-SLR are still using CF.

    Moreover, it is technically simple. The CF is larger in size, so more chips go into it and the result is that the CompactFlash contains more data than the same technology SD.

    However, this line is blurring under the pressure of several factors:

    * SD max capacity is now becoming “enough” even for big sensor D-SLRs.

    * Price of both SD and CF has gone quite low compared to the price of the camera itself.

    So manufacturers more and more are moving to SD, once reserved to compact cameras. We can expect that all new DSLR products in 2008 will be using SD cards. It’s an on-going trend.

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