HD-Ready, crooks are out

HDreadyLogo.jpgWe already wrote here about it when the HD-Ready and HD-TV programs were launched, the nice black and white little logos supposed to bring the guarantee of compatibility of electronic devices with High Definition (HD) video are only adding to the confusion of the consumers.

At best, the buyer wonders what is really covered by the HD-Ready branding. At worst (and it is often the case), it ensures that purchases are done without understanding and lead to future disappointments.

Let’s be clear and simple: HD-Ready doesn’t mean a lot. In most cases, it only means that you can plug the device one onto the other. Practically speaking, if you want your screen to be really high definition capable, it needs to have a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. Less is not HD!

If the TV set is only 1280×720 (the most usual resolution), the HD-Ready logo does not warrant anything more than the HD image will display… in low reésolution.

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