FrontPage is dead, long live FrontPage!

finally, it’s happened! Microsoft announced officially the end of FrontPage (Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 and Microsoft Expression Web Designer will come in Spring to replace it).

As a matter of fact, FrontPage did not really succeed in penetrating the pro market for web designers. Its utterly simplistic approach to web design was obviously far behind some serious competitors (or leaders) like DreamWeaver. But, non-specialists now stop using it -essentially- because they no longer need it. Today, ready-to-install blogs (like WordPress, or Joomla or Mamba or SPIP) have already marginalized web site design, but solutions including both the blog software and the web hosting (like allow to forget completely about both the tool and the installation. You can immediately start using it… without even looking at FrontPage.

So, FrontPage saw its public disappear. FrontPage lost its justification. We won’t cry.

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