HD vs DVD comparison

So, you are a fan of cinema and movies. So, you know that the first High-Definition (HD) movies are arriving and that manufacturers start delivering devices able to brighten your shiny eyes. But is it worth it?

If you go to a mall and enter a video equipment shop, the sales people will insist that HD is much better than everything else and they will probably show you on e or two HD films on a giant TV screen. You will be impressed indeed. But is it because of the expensive TV display or is HD really better than good old DVD? And don’t forget that prices are entering this comparison: Is it worth paying a DVD-HD around $30+ if it is not much better?

I actually found a simple mean to compare the two technologies to understand where the difference really lie.

The CornBread web site offers a nice HD vs DVD comparison setting side by side the two contenders with images taken from Lord of the rings – the Fellowship of the Ring to better perceive the actual differences – even if you do not have a HD display on your computer.

You merely have to move your mouse over the DVD images to see them replaced with their equivalent from a DVD-HD.

And it is not difficult to perceive that High Definition (HD) brings extraordinary fine details. Not only is the resolution higher, but compression is lower (keeping more details from the original quality).

For me, it’s easy: Kudos to HD!

But, let’s hope that prices will soon go down and do not forget that HD ready does not mean HD. If you want to be ready for HD, you will need a Full HD and HCDP-compatible TV set. This is far from the reality if we check what has been sold during the holiday season a few weeks ago.

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