High-quality 3D wallpapers

Wallpapers? You’re probably wondering how I could drop as low as writing about a wallpaper website. Usually they are either bad and ugly, or ridden with so many ads that you can’t find the wallpapers. Usually, they are both at the same time.

Now there is a change. Digital Blasphemy is the web site of Ryan Bliss, a real 3D artist using the best rendering software and a very imaginative mind. The result? Amazingly beautiful images that bring a brand new colour to your desktop.

It just happens that these images make glorious wallpapers.

Most wallpapers are available in many different resolutions to ensure top-quality whatever happens. Some are completely free to download.

Digital Blasphemy image

3 Replies to “High-quality 3D wallpapers”

  1. youre wallpaper are realy good
    Have you any picture(it may be animated picture ) that give sterioscopic 3d illusion without glosses

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