25.6 giga-pixel contemporary art masterpiece

This is an art project using the collaborative Internet to create one of the largest images in the world.

MillionMasterPiece.com wants to create an historic art master piece by collating one million small 160×160 images, leading to more than 25 giga-pixels of contemporary art.

Million master piece

You can join for free or, even better, you can donate a small sum of money to the project. It will be used to support one of the NGOs associated to the web site (Oxfam, Save the children, World cancer research fund, ActionAid, WWF). After joining, you will be able to draw your own picture.

Since the WWF is one of the sponsors, I personally suggest that animal photographers should participate as photography artists. But, as far as I know, it is not possible to publish one of your photos.

Once complete, the picture will be printed on a giant 80m canvas and unveiled in London as a symbol of global unity and a celebration of 21st century global culture and society.

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