Ashera, a domestic cat with leopard blood

We know that all cats (wild or tame) come from the same ancestor. You may not know that they can cross-breed more or less easily. This led LifestylePets to create Ashera a new kind of cat that is the result of cross-breeding Asian Leopard, African Serval and domestic cat.


Unfortunately, you will have to give them $20,000 to get one. About 20,000 times more than attracting a cat wandering in the neighborhood with a cup of fresh milk.

The future will tell us if this helps in saving some felines from extinction.

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  1. This is a bad idea, whenever cats are crossbreeded they turn out retarded, look for the white tiger.

  2. Unfortunately, white tigers have nothing to do with cross-breeding. It’s a genetic condition that nearly totally eliminates the orange pigmentation from the fur of a quite normal tiger. It’s quite similar to the “black panther” which happens to be also a naturally-occuring lack pigmentation of a leopard’s fur.

    Furthermore, there is no scientific documentation (that I know of) which would link these unusual fur colors to limited brain function, restricted intelligence capacity, or anything loosely related to being a “retarded feline”.

    The only significant aspect is that these different colorations probably influence slightly the camouflage effect of their fur patterns. Obviously so lightly that natural selection was not able to totally eliminate this genetic trait.

    However, if cross-breeding may have a bad effect like the one you describe (it may be scientifically acceptable), this is certainly not automatic as proven by many cross-breeding and species selection done with cats and dogs and other pets and domesticated animals.

  3. I never have heard of an asian leopard cat before and was browsing around looking at pics and information on it when I came across this. I knew about the white tiger information (regarding the white fur being genetic), I never knew that about the panther tho. It was very interesting reading this. Learn something everyday!

    Cross breeding happens, naturally or not. Not sure what this would show one way or the other, not even close to an expert, there are so many variables. However one thing I do know, for sure, is any animal lost b/c of extinction is an terrible loss. It is heart breaking to think of losing something like an entire species of animal forever.

  4. About extinction of species, we have to remember that carnivorous animals are at a relatively higher risk of extinction since they rely on a very large quantity of available meat to sustain them. Population reductions of their preys -even if they do not seem significant at first- can impact strongly the big cats, to the point of momentarily reducing stringently the genetic diversity of a predator’s species.

    Some of the big cats we know today obviously went through such a process akin to bordering on extinction, being saved at the last minute and seeing their population rebonding, but with limited diversity and a long-term risk of frailty in front of future species-threatening events. For an insight into this, you can have a look at the short article I posted on YLoveBigCats, about evaluating genetic diversity of snow leopards.

  5. There is no such breed as Ashera. It is a SCAM. don’t believe everything you hear.

    1. Not Asian Leopard, silly, Asian leopard CAT, a small wild feline, the same size as the domestic cat. Do you seriously believe that leopard would mate with a cat? Do you think a cat would carry leopard cubs to term? Do you think a leopard would carry kittens? Yes, I know, some clueless reporters forgot the word “cat” after asian leopard. But really, THINK! BTW – there is no species called “asian leopard” and if you try to google for “asian leopard” you’ll find Asian Leopard CAT!

    2. A breed of cats that originated from crossing serval cats with domestic cats has existed for a while and was registered with TICA in 2001. It’s called SAVANNAH and is now at advanced new breed status.

    3. A breed of cats that originated from asian leopard cat breeding with domestic cats has existed for over 20 years. It’s called BENGAL.

    4. If you cross a bengal cat with serval you’d get a savannah cat that would have the exact the same genetic make-up as your ashera. There is nothing new there.

    5. DNA tests conducted on asheras confiscated in an airport in Holland proved them to be savannah cats bought from a savannah breeder and re-sold for several times the price. (source: wiki article on ashera, it has a reference to news story)

    6. messybeast website has an article that outlines the criminal history of the guy in charge of LifestylePets.

  6. im sorry “kitty” but the ashera does exist. i am a HUGE leopard fan and im pretty sure asian leopard does exist. and if you think i am wrong just check with the show nature and bbc. also the ashera was breed from asian leopard, the african serval, and a domestic cat! “kitty” put a leopard CAT, a domestic cat, and a serval cat.

  7. @Hollow – are you the guy who markets them? There were DNA TESTS that proved that Ashera cat is exactly the same as the Savannah cat; read wiki.

    Asian Leopard does exist but it’ll eat the domestic cat before mating with it not to mention that neither cat could carry leopard cubs nor leopard could carry kittens to terms. What they are talking about is Asian Leopard Cat – google for it.

    Google “Ashera cat scam” also google “Murky background of Ashera and Allerca” and don’t believe everything your read.

  8. @hollow – Google “Ashera cat scam”, also “Murky background of Ashera and Allerca”, also read wiki article on Ashera.

    DNA tests proved that Ashera IS a savannah cat something that was obvious right away to anybody who is familiar with both savannah cats and bengal cats. Why do you insist on Ashera’s being real when the issue has been put to rest 2 years ago? Do you not trust DNA tests?

    Yes, I could’ve been wrong about Asian Leopard, they do exist, but you certainly CANNOT breed a cat to a real leopard, only Asian Leopard Cat, also known as ALC. How do you expect a cat to carry leopard cubs to term or do you expect a leopard female carry kittens???? What about difference in gestation period.

    Oh and again google ASHERA CAT SCAM.

  9. Oh, and I forgot to add: the founder of “LifestylePets”, Simon Brodie has a history of similar scams and trouble with the law.

    But of course, @hollow, if you want to overpay for savannah cats, be my guest.

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