Leonardo’s last supper in high-definition

Italian firm HAL9000 has a neat technology to shoot very high definition images. They apply it to antique art masterworks like Leonardo’s major painting “The last supper” (of recent cinematographic fame): An incredible 16 gigapixel resolution to get down to the finest cracks in the paint.

Leonardo Da Vinci - The last supper / La cène

Another previous work from HaltaDefinizione (with only 8.6 billion pixels).

3 Replies to “Leonardo’s last supper in high-definition”

  1. in this picture there are image of andreas and petrys. they r very near too each one. as we that leonard vinci is the best painture in his time, so i have doubt that the leftside image what is usaully known as st petry is belong to somebody else. and if u take a closer look we can see the light shape of breast to in her chest but as DAN BROWN wrote in da vinci code that she is close to Jesus . i think she is much more close to andreas. PLEASE light in this part

  2. well watever tis guy said on top of me…the one dat wrote alot….watever he said…i think so too:))


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