Photo of the Sony A900 (Alpha 900)

A photo has popped up on the Internet forums allegedly showing the Alpha 900 in Berlin IFA. If it’s a fake, it’s a rather good one.

Sony Alpha 900

From the look of it, I would draw a few conclusions and comments (only valid if the image is a real scoop).

Sony Alpha system

  • Sony has cleaned up the original design a little from what was shown last March. Specially the pentaprism, while still large, looks less rough and unfinished.
  • No weather-sealing visible between the body and the lens, but there could be some level of weather protection for the body buttons and such.
  • Upper LCD screen, probably in addition to the one on the back of the body. This was a feature disappearing from most cameras (think high-end customers, pro photographers in sight).
  • Most of the interface elements have already shown on the Sony Alpha 700 (incl. the battery grip)

Anyway, it’s probably a fake model (look at the chamber closed by a black plastic, and the alignment of the top LCD with the rest of the body looks a bit low). But it could well be a reasonably good demonstration of the current state of the external design in the Sony labs.

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