Defragment like a God

Defragmenting your hard disc drive may not be the latest fad, but it still is useful to improve the performance of a disc drive that’s been used for months or years and now looks more like a mouldy swiss cheese than a nice little techo-gadget. The solution: defragmenter your disc drive(s).

Here are a few ideas of (free) software programs that may be useful here:

  • Ultimate Defrag (from DiskTrix) is clearly a defragmenter wet dream. The only trouble? So many options that you won’t be able to sleep.
  • Smart Defrag (from IOBit) will help you defragmente several disc or several partitions at the same time.
  • Partition Find and Mount will do its best to find again lost data on a damaged hard disc drive.



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  1. tuftey Avatar

    Diskeeper is a great program if you are willing to pay. Its got featrues like automatic background /low free space /MFT defrag which the free programs may lack.

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