Stacey Whaley, fractals

Stacey Whaley is a painter using the most modern tools available and depending heavily on the mathematical principles of fractals (those graphical figures that tend to repeat themselves at different scales when you zoom in or zoom out).

Apophysis - Copyright (C) Stacey Whaley
Apophysis – Copyright (C) Stacey Whaley

In most cases, when people follow this path, the result is quite predictable and there are a few compulsory forms (like the Mandelbrot set) that pop in the pictures. Please, check the admirable result of the example above. Stacey is able to create something that is clearly fractal and simultaneously bringing all the personal content that is the mark of the true artist.

Check all her work in, even if the updates are too few for our pleasure.




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  1. Arnold Avatar

    I get it! I see debth a dn vivid colors the more I look at it. It looks very intricate and detail.. Very nice, very professional and I enjoyed looking at it.

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