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Is it the crisis, the recession or what? People would like you to think that you can now get a private jet for nearly nothing.

  • Jumpjet is trying to make it more affordable than many business trip tickets
  • Aviation told us about microjets, like those from Eclipse Aviation intended to make it more affordable than any time before.
  • Lunajets wants you to fly like a Very Rich Person (VRP is so much better than VIP) but for prices between €990 per seat and €12,500 for a full cabin. You get to search for the best flight for you.
  • Same thing with Last Minute Jet Charters which offers a good search engine for your private jet.
  • ElleJet Aviation Services is explictly selling seats available on what they call “empty legs” (trips returning the plane with no passenger, but where you could be booked; A little like those young student who cross the USA in rental cars that they bring back to base for a small fee).

Sure, GM sold all its 5 private jets after the December news fiasco. But did they depress the private jet market, too? Is it really so cheap?

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  1. Apparently, there is still a market for private jet: Citigroup, just bailed out, ran to buy a new Dassault Falcon 7X private jet worth $50 million.

    I am not sure we are happy to see who buys these…

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