Opera 10: beta-test browser

I’ve been using and recommending the Opera web browser for many years. It’s a kind of a Firefox where everything you need would be directly included rather than having to download extensions. And it’s fast too. For mobile applications (PDAs, mobile phones, etc.) Opera Mini is probably the best possible option and it is in a tight competition for the market leader position.

Now, Opera is launching a beta test version 10 of the browser. And it has amazingly interesting new features.

  • Fast browsing on slow connections
  • Tab browsing enhanced and flexible
  • Speed dial from the empty new page
  • Web mail integration
  • Re-sizable search field
  • Much faster web engine and impressively standards-compliant
  • In-line spell checker (I use it a lot to support my blogging habits)
  • Auto-update (better than merely asking you to check for updates)
  • Mouse control

Even better, after testing it in alpha, I can tell you that it is quite stable. The beta version should stay that way and that is a good thing too.

You can download it here.

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