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  • My own participation to Emacs history

    My own participation to Emacs history

    A few versions of this text editor (sometimes) loved by many software programmers / Archive of old Emacs versions.

  • Colorful background pictures

    Colorful background pictures

    A web site on which you will find a colorful collection of background pictures for your PC or your Mac: Imgur. Its only drawback is that you don’t know where the picture comes from, since they are uploaded by the users as they see them here or there.

  • Less keyboard, more work

    We do so much typing that we tend to forget about it. But there are ways to improve the situation (ensuring that you type less to produce more text).one of the best ways is to identify the texts you keep typing on the keyboard. then, you just have to use a utility program to help…

  • OpenOffice.org v3.2 available for free download

    The excellent office desktop suite, OpenOffice.org (Word, Excel and PowerPoint, in a free form, if you want) just moved to version 3.2 (still free). New features: Faster start-up times Compatibility with MS-Office 2007 documents Better Compatibility with MS-Office 97, 2000, XP documents, encrypted with a password Importation of dynamic tables from Excel Comments are now…

  • Doom triple pack: Doom, Hexen, Heretic

    Doom triple pack: Doom, Hexen, Heretic

    They were the FPS games of your youth (if you are as old as I am): Doom, Heretic and Hexen are three games where you killed, maimed, crushed, punched and powdered thousands of monsters and all kinds of adversaries. Did you know that you could play all three of them on line? Point your browser…

  • Safari 4, fast new browser

    Safari 4, fast new browser

    Apple is not only delivering sleek computer designs and nice little mobile phones. They are also producing a good web browser: Safari. It’s new version, Safari 4, is just out. Faster, still as good and powerful, but Apple is now claiming the crown for the “fastest” web browser. It could well be possible when Snow…