Kathmandu, skilled craftsmen

In a Nepalese city, like Kathmandu, you quickly notice that the industry is small but very accessible, meaning that you can walk to the people involved in tradesmanship or craftsmanship. Since most Nepalese people are accepting your taking pictures or willing to see the photos you just shot, it’s very pleasant to shoot such images like the following.

_DSC3536w - Vendeuses de rubans _DSC3534w - Chausseur
_DSC3539w - Tissus
_DSC3569w - Poissons seches _DSC5296w - Electricien
_DSC4990w - Potier nepalais _DSC5000w - Potier nepalais
_DSC4997w - Potier nepalais _DSC4980w - Potier nepalais
_DSC5012w - Marche
_DSC5304w - Vendeur de couleurs _DSC5307w - Vendeur de fruits
_DSC5320w - Patissiere _DSC5313w - Vendeur de graines
_DSC5359w - Boucher _DSC5381w - Tête de cochon
_DSC5378w - Poissonnier _DSC5377w - Boucher
_DSC5397w - Couturier _DSC5371w - Couturier
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