Bloglines: This is the end

BloglinesNot everybody knows Bloglines, but this is an excellent RSS aggregator that I have been using for several years already to quickly check and track efficiently a large number of information sources (and efficiency is a key factor when you read 165 web sites simultaneously not accepting to spend your life and nights to it).

Today, I learned that Bloglines will close its doors and stop completely its services in the coming days (on the 1st of October 2010); I have to switch immediately to a new service.

I started to look into the available options, either an on-line RSS aggregator (Google reader comes immediately to mind), or a Windows-based aggregator on my PC. Dear reader, do you have some recommendations for me?

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  1. I tried a number of (Mac OS) readers. Some are very good.

    But as I read the blogs at home (eg this one), at work (programming-related blogs) or on the road (or more precisely in airports), I need a global solution that keeps track of what I read on all platforms. Google Reader is very good at this.

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