My own participation to Emacs history

This was initially published in reaction to discovering that there is a FAQ (maintained by “Craig A. Finseth” <fin@finseth.com>) about the various implementations of Emacs. Since I have been collecting (and building) a few ones myself that were not published elsewhere, here they come:

  • A slightly modified MicroEmacs (coming from Dave G. Conroy and modified by Christian Jullien in 1987).
  • I used it as a basis for some time to have my own YR-Emacs (up to v1.30a).
  • What appears to be a MicroEmacs v3.12a (original v3.12 from Daniel Lawrence, but slightly modified by me in a pitiful attempt to extend it for my own use).
  • Ed Davis addition in 2018: A very old (14 Dec 85) version of MicroEmacs, and a minimally updated version, to get it to compile on Windows 7 and Linux.
    • readme.txt     – this file.
    • uemacs.message – 14 Dec 85 21:31:29 GMT message posted to net.sources, with uemacs v2.0 source.
    • updated.zip    – updates of the same, to get it to compile on Windows 7 and Linux.
    • changes.txt    – changes from original to whats in updated.zip

I am not sure that this is more than history. It looks like nobody would be using these versions today, but I don’t want to let this go. I am mainly assuming that some source code historian would find this useful in 2050 (if this web site survived until then, and the word Emacs still has a meaning).

2020-02-13 UPDATE: modified all inks to make sure that they are HTTPS, in order to avoid compatibility issues with modern web browsers.






2 responses to “My own participation to Emacs history”

  1. Ed Davis Avatar
    Ed Davis

    Do you still collect old MicroEmacs versions? I have the oldest one that I am aware of. It was posted to net.sources on 14 Dec 1985 by George Jones.

    With a little hacking, I was able to get it to compile on Windows 7, Cygwin under Windows 7, and Linux.
    Of course I kept a copy of the unmodified version 🙂

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    It is not a very active hobby, but I would be glad to be able to add this to the list (both original unmodified version and hacked-up version, if you agree). I’ll drop you a mail. Thanks a lot.

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