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  • Peter Nowacki

    Peter Nowacki

    Peter’s web site.

  • Cut-away illustrations

    Cut-away illustrations

    This technique is used to demonstrate clearly the operation of a technical product by showing it as if parts were cut away to reveal the internals. This leads to quite a large choice of nice drawings. I collected some of them for your pleasure. They can be gorgeous when the graphic designer is a real…

  • Stacey Whaley, fractals

    Stacey Whaley, fractals

    Stacey Whaley is a painter using the most modern tools available and depending heavily on the mathematical principles of fractals (those graphical figures that tend to repeat themselves at different scales when you zoom in or zoom out). In most cases, when people follow this path, the result is quite predictable and there are a…

  • Camouflage in nature

    Camouflage in nature

    A very nice set of camouflaged animals. Source: Daily Mail.

  • Free shipping on prints, posters!

    Free shipping on prints, posters!

    Some of my best images are available are posters, cards, prints, laminated prints, etc. on I like the quality of their service, their prices and the broad support (including good discussion forums about photo). What you’ll like even more is that they reduced the shipping costs to NOTHING for a week. They are celebrating…

  • Métro, collages, déchirures

    Métro, collages, déchirures

    I created on RedBubble a calendar (for 2009) that I think should be interesting for people in love with all kinds of artistic alterations. Images taken from the Paris metropolitan railway (le Métro) in a station under heavy repair. It brought images from the past (probably 20 years ago or more) through the remains of…