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  • John Ross

    John Ross

    John Ross web site.

  • Extreme tanks

    Extreme tanks

    Even knowing that those are machines created to kill people, you will not be able to keep yourself from laughing or smiling at some of absurdly extreme designs generated by the brains of some military engineers. Source: Dark Roasted Blend.

  • Quiet time with a Port wine

    Quiet time with a Port wine

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  • Hiroshima photos – never seen before

    On August 6th, 1945, Hiroshima was bombed with the first atomic weapon. U.S. serviceman Robert L. Capp, who was attached to the occupation forces, found undevelopped films with many pictures that are available only this year. They are disturbing to say the less (I wanted to use one photo to illustrate this post, then decided…

  • Nilgun Kara

    Nilgun Kara

    Photos from Nilgun Kara, Turkish photographer. Need I say that I loved her work? I’m simply dazed and I adore her photos… Her portfolio on Art Limited, and on DeviantArt.

  • Foggy photos

    Foggy photos

    Source: Shooher.