Category: Record images

  • 6 giga-pixel Tokyo

    6 giga-pixel Tokyo

    Once again a gigantic digital image: Tokyo shot with GigaPan. Can you find Waldo (er, no! the dancing policeman)? Source: Photoart – Kalmar, via YLovePhoto.

  • Mega-pixel Obama

    Mega-pixel Obama

    David Bergman created a large superb image of more than a billion pixels during Barack Obama’s inaugural address in Washington, on January 20th. Source: YLovePhoto.

  • The longest photo

    The longest photo

    After showing here several record images in terms of resolution, here is a picture (with its own incredibly large quantity of pixels) of a record length: 100 meters. Here, panorama takes it to such extremes… It was taken over the course of 20 days and includes 178 different people. Source: Simon Hoegsberg, via The Online…

  • Big camera?

    Big camera?

    Certainly! Here comes a photo camera with 1400 mega-pixels. This is the camera installed in Hawai in the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System (PanSTARRS) telescope. I say that when Kirkland AFB builds a photo camera, Canon, Nikon, Sony and the others should bow and admire. Source: Really Rocket Science.

  • Giant Yosemite photo

    Giant Yosemite photo

    What is clearly one of the largest digital photos ever taken is presented by Gerard Maynard. 17-giga-pixel image where you can zoom in to look at interesting details.

  • Diffraction and digital photography

    Diffraction and digital photography

    Several times, I talked about the limitation to photo image quality by light diffraction but I failed to go into the details. To the general request of one reader who asked, I will try to give some explanations to better understand why the digital photographer must absolutely take that into account to make better pictures…