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  • AVG free AntiVirus up to v8

    The very good anti-virus software got a little better with version 8. But the free version (which made it so popular) is not yet available. For now, you’ll have to stick to the excellent v7.5.

  • This year wishes come from scammers, too

    Visibly, in 2008, scammers and spammers start early: The sheer number of emailed wish cards seems to have increased to very high levels. Only one advice: If you receive a “best wishes” electronic card from somebody that you don’t know, don’t even spend time (and computer security) checking it. It’s most probably a mean to…

  • Print all the world’s SPAM

    Print all the world’s SPAM

    In 1998, Nick Philip created an art installation willing to show the real volume of SPAM. An email address on forwards all SPAM it receives to fax machines that print it all.

  • Fight SPAM and scan books

    Fight SPAM and scan books

    It is well known that the human brain has pattern matching capabilities much further advanced than those of the best equivalent software programs. This explains that failure rates of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program may be as high as 1% (or even 2%) of errors, which is requiring later human proof-reading to ensure a reasonable…

  • Spammers hit by the SEC

    You certainly noticed in the flood of SPAMs that is probably arriving in your mailbox as in mine, that many of them are promoting stock exchange securities -that you usually do not know about. This is generally part of an elaborate (but old) scam known as ‘pump and dump‘. It consists in buying shares of…

  • Ridiculed scammers

    For once, a scammer let us smile (though against his will). Let’s smile. Today, it is the 419 scammers that have been baited by an Internet user who decided to have fun with them and convinced them that he would give a lot of money to people who would recreate famous scenes from movies or…