Chirurgy and web site

As you certainly noticed, we changed significantly the look-and-feel of our web site. The plastic surgeon used its scalpel to give a new face to the web site: reduce the size of the pages (faster downloads for you), improve readability (the white background increases the contrast), come back to a more sober graphic design (only a few graphic signs and homogeneous colours).

But there are some new functionalities too. The most important one is certainly the addition of the ability to send an email to your friends to let them know about a post that you would find particularly interesting (for whatever reason). Just before sending, do not forget to copy the code that is provided (it allows to protect us against robots that would be trying to send automated emails using this form). In any case, be reasonable and polite with your use of this nice little feature.

Just look at the link at the bottom of articles on the front page (or in the box at the bottom right for post pages).

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