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  • Synology-based synchronization solution

    Synology-based synchronization solution

    When CrashPlan announced the end of its unlimited backup service, I had to actively seek a new solution asking myself the question of how to provide two services I was previously (more or less) getting from this provider: Backups Synchronization between several machines (several PC and several iPhone) CrashPlan easily provided the backup feature despite…

  • Security on

    Security on

    Minor technical information for those of you who are sensitive to their online safety. One of the recommended steps to a better privacy and safety is using web site under the SSL protocol (accessing them with https:// instead of http://). Now, helps you and can be transparently accessed through both addresses:  …

  • Bitcoin: Is it the end?

    Bitcoin: Is it the end?

    The national press (newspapers and TV) regularly come back to Bitcoin, this decentralized currency that some would announce as going to replace all other world currencies. Some also think that the technology solutions included in Bitcoin are the groundwork for all future world finance (Nothing less!) But it may be less nice that that. And…

  • Arrival at Giant’s Castle

    Arrival at Giant’s Castle

    When arriving near Giant’s Castle, we could observe that wild fires are a significant issue handled by the local Fire Department in order to limit oerall risks. But, our drive was crossing the burning area.

  • What if ISIS did not disappear?

    This is the rather terrible but also very troubling question asked by Stephen M. Walt on Foreign Policy in a paper titled “What Should We Do if the Islamic State Wins?” The author does no really answer the question he asks but I find it mind-opening to start from his postulate: Daesh is not automatically…

  • All about ISIS

    It is always easy to portray Islamic State as a bloodthirsty monster and… to stop here. This kind of attitude presents two majors drawbacks (to my eyes): As all black-and-white approaches, it does not allow understanding,it does not allow determining where Daesh or ISIS is coming. It’s happy with just condemning, preferably in reference to…