Planetary pictures and wallpapers

I consider that the most useful and often the most interesting wallpapers for your computer desktop are images that are relatively feature-less. A picture full of little details continuously grabbing your attention is a major nuisance. It’s much better to have either a very smooth image or a photo containing a lot of continuous tones.… Read More

Best shorts

Link love Those are the best links I found recently. I could not write a full post about them, but they are worth visiting: launches a web-based free word processor (via Download Squad) Histoface: How to hide an image in the histogram of another image Safer Code – Secure Coding In C \ C++… Read More

Free movies (many)

We all love when things come free to us. Here I found a treasure trove of movies that are free to download. Legally. Thanks to the Canadians of the National Film Board of Canada. They give us feature-length movies, documentaries, animated short movies. Everything, of the best quality, at the best price: Free.

Monty Python, free download on YouTube

For sure, YouTube has always been crouded with rip-offs of the Monty Python sketches. Unfortunately, these were both illegal and -in general- of poor quality. The guys from Monty Python decided that enough is enough, and there is now a Monty Python channel/group on YouTube where you can see excellent quality videos of their Monty… Read More

Wallpapers: Quality photos

It is always more pleasant to work with a nice wall paper on your PC (or Mac) desktop. Here are two interesting source sof beautiful wallpapers based on photographic quality images: dozens of nature-oriented images (including some cartoons) on; ligthning and storms (15 images). Downright spectacular. 3.0: Your free replacement for MS-Office 2007 3.0 arrives and this is important. As a matter of fact, the free desktop suite (as interesting as the MS-Office suite) shift in high gear. The new features are quite noticeable: Support of MS-Office 2007 format for documents OOo 3.0 is now compatible with Mac OS X New multi-page mode in Writer Several users… Read More

Chrome is not a browser

How could we ignore the launch of Chrome, the new browser from Google? Every is babbling about it, everybody tried it (it can be downloaded here). But after one test run, I believe that I should explain something. Yes, this is a marvellous browser because it takes most of the good things from FireFox, Opera… Read More