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  • This is beer day, here

    This is beer day, here

    So, I decided to share some information which would distract us all beer drinkers by concentrating more on the process of drinking and on drinking less (let’s be sure not to abuse any substance, even when it is pleasant/nice). A great/long paper about a well-documented book titled “A natural history of beer“, by George Scialabba.…

  • Quantum computing, let’s reduce weirdness

    Quantum computing, let’s reduce weirdness

    This is true. When we hear about Quantum Computing, we hear a lot of noise and so few useful information. But, after the all-too-usual “This revolution is going to blow everything”, you’ll find very little understandable talk. So, I was left collecting a few knowledge bits about this, that I would like to share with…

  • Water droplet on carbon nano-tubes [video]

    A carbon nanotube array is actually extremely hydrophobic (pushes water away). This makes bouncing water onto it quite interesting. For scentists and for us onlookers. YouTube link

  • Fruits and vegetables in hospital

    Fruits and vegetables in hospital

    Normally, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is interesting only the physicists for its uses in scientific research and the physicians for the fabulous pictures it gives of the insides of the human body. An MRI scanner will allow to display fine cuts of the body of the patient laid into the machine, but what is to…

  • High temperatures, low temperatures

    High temperatures, low temperatures

    Here, we don’t even speak about Summer or Winter; This is not about global warming either. The Rasmussen College presents us a great poster sweeping the widest possible range of temperatures to allow us to travel through universe’s thermal diversity. I hope they will sell the poster somewhere.

  • Scientific jokes

    YouTube link If you’re not a scientist and you don’t understand these, there is no shame to feel. Some scientists are just wondering what this is all about… Source: Brian Malow on Fora.tv.