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  • Whales on Davis Strait

    Whales on Davis Strait

    Sunset encounters: Beaked whales according to the specialists, pilot whales do not really fear even large ships. They travel in small groups which offer nice photo opportunities. Short-finned pilot whale (Globicephala macrorhynchus, Baleine pilote, Globicéphale). Davis Strait, Nunavut, Canada August 2016.

  • Fantastic narwhals!

    Fantastic narwhals!

    The Narwhal is a (small) toothed whale rather extraordinary because it holds a kind of long protruding spiral tusk (actually an overdevelopped toothwhich can reach up to 4 meters in adult males). Rather discreet (small blow, defintely timid), the narwhal is not easy to observe. But during our crossing of the Bellot Strait, we were…

  • Southern Right Whales

    As seen from the cliffs in Hermanus, South Africa. August 2015.

  • Southern Right Whale breaching in front of Hermanus

    Southern Right Whale breaching in front of Hermanus

    Hermanus, in South Africa, considers itself as the world capital of “whale watching from the coast”. Reading this on the Internet reeks of overblown marketing. You can easily imagine this applied to the back of a whale far on the horizon calling for the use of the biggest binoculars. Nothing would be more wrong! You…

  • Whales in False Bay, seen from a boat

    Whales in False Bay, seen from a boat

    While you may be lucky enough to see whales from the sky like we did in August 2015, thanks to African Wings in Hermanus, the most common way to approach these huge mammals is taking a boat tour in a location where they are seen quite usually. Since whales are relatively common during Summer near…

  • Whales in Hermanus, seen from above

    Whales in Hermanus, seen from above

    To start the publication of a series of photos shot in South Africa, here is gallery of some quite unusual pictures: Whales shot from a small plane (African Wings) in Hermanus, about one hour driving out of Cape Town. We could see quite clearly a large number of whales like this Southern Right Whale paddling…