Major upgrade behind the scene at

For your information, I just went through the process of fully re-installing WordPress for I tried my best to make sure that everything is correctly restored, but I may have failed. Feel free to contact me to point me to such failures if you witness them. Thanks for your patience. Actually, I re-installed the… Read More

Milestone: 11 years, 1 million visits in a year just went through one of these moments I will easily remember! The visit count regularly climbs since the inception of the web site, but I just noticed something I’m pretty proud of: In the last year (more precisely, the last 365 days), this web site got more than one million visits as counted by… Read More

Test your web site load speed

While working on improving the performance of my web sites, I have been using several tools in order to evaluate the performance of the site itself. Some are good, some are very good, some are overwhelmingly good. You cannot avoid mentioning the Google webmaster tools. They do a lot of things and contain a performance… Read More

Moving to WordPress 2.6

For most people, this is absolutely minor information, but the web site just went through an important change. Nearly nothing visible (except some possible bugs still to be uncovered), but it’s now using WordPress v2.6 (the latest version of this excellent tool to manage web sites and blogs). This should help a little the readers… Read More

User rights in WordPress 2.3

Pour ceux qui souhaitent le savoir, chaque utilisateur sur le site peut avoir des droits différents selon le rôle qui lui est attribué (par mes soins). Les droits attachés ne sont pas toujours évidents, même pour un habitué de WordPress. C’est pourquoi j’ai produit le tableau ci-dessous pour expliquer. Cliquer sur le tableau pour… Read More

bbPress installation

While installing the new forums software on (bbPress) [it was only an evaluation that will not be followed immediately by a full implementation], I noted a few of the details I needed to do in order to reach a conveniently installed package. Since bbPress is only lightly documented, it may be helpful for other.… Read More