Milestone: 11 years, 1 million visits in a year just went through one of these moments I will easily remember! The visit count regularly climbs since the inception of the web site, but I just noticed something I’m pretty proud of: In the last year (more precisely, the last 365 days), this web site got more than one million visits as counted by Google.

Google Analytics screen copy:

As you can see, really, the million award came only because, last week, there was a sharp peak of more than 80,000 visits in a day (I kept oscillating between 900,000 and 1,000,000 visits but could not jump this symbolic barrier). And it comes with nearly 1.5 million printed pages (another deeply symbolic figure to reach).

The traffic peak

What is funny is that this load peak (perfectly handled by the OVH web server) just came a few days after the personal experimentations I was mentioning here to optimize and performance. As a matter of fact, the actions that I applied were really representative of what must be done to have a web site doing much more than the usual web business card:

But on top of the technical face of the case, I am not a little proud of having received more than a million visits.



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