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Some may believe that free movies and public domain films come only from low-budgets, B series (or Z series) and cheap cinematographic efforts. This is not always the case and, today, we want to stop at one movie with famous great actors and that can be easily loved by all in the family: “His Girl Friday“, a 1940 movie signed by nobody less than Howard Hawks and hosting stars like Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. These actors are shooting for stardom in this black and white romantic comedy.

Watching it, you may think about ” Arsenic and old laces ” that will be shot by Frank Capra four years later or about ” Bringing Up Baby ” shot two years before. All fans of Cary Grant need to go and download it right now. Such a movie should be in his/her video library for a long time.


Cary Grant is a daily newspaper publisher whose best reporter (Rosalind Russell) was also his wife. But they just broke out and divorced; Their interests will be set against each other opposing a quieter life in a new home (the young girl wants to marry again and create a family) and the adrenaline rush of newspaper scoops along with a lovesick man trying his best to conquest her again.

The plot contains a lot of those little surprises we love in any romantic comedy. It is a nice little sweet if you are ready to appreciate the best Hollywood had to offer during a troubled era of the 20th Century.

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