Canon 40D crushes 30D prices

Sometimes, I like to browse what is appearing in the ads. Today, I noticed that the announcement of the new Digital SLR from Canon, the 40D replacement for the 20D/30D line, is driving prices down for the 30D.

If you want a good price, you can check by yourself, but I found the following offers for the Canon 30D:

I cannot recommend specifically those US companies, but they seem to be known locally and they claim to have the camera in-stock. It looks like a sign of times: People are emptying the stocks of Canon 30D by crushing the prices.

Time to bargain-shop if you don’t need 10 mega-pixels? Or should you still wait for the next generation (maybe forever)?

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  1. All three of these companies listed above have been blasted as con-men, crooks or as being heavy-handed with selling to customers.
    I have just recently emailed one of them so I will advise my own experience.
    Prices will no doubt eventually come down for the 30D with reputable companies but these 3 listed companies were always selling their products at prices which were too good to be true – which usually means they were!!!!
    (or some funny business was going on.)

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