Search (free) photos by color

YotoPhotoI had already told you about Yotophoto, the image search engine allowing you to choose the kind of copyright or legal rights associated to the image (and, thus, giving you an east way to find free images for your web site, while keeping you in the legal high road).

Today, Yotophoto disclose another very interesting and complementary development. You will be allowed to search images by its dominant color (They simply call this feature Search by color). The few already existing experiences in this direction were limited to choosing between red, green or blue – not enough to be of any use. But, here, you get a color picker to choose your color from. You get teh exact fine color tone you need. This way, you will be able to select your images in order to keep your fine WordPress post as elegant as requested by the high quality of your web site.

All the details are presented in the promotional page for this search feature. But, it’s as easy as selecting Advanced Search and using the color picker at the bottom right to choose you prefered color.

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