11 Myths of Surge Protection

Surge protection is a technology which is obviously difficult to grasp and the sales people do not make it easier.

Wendell H. Laidley wrote a nice paper to explain it in an interesting way: He shows the 11 Myths of Surge Protection:

  1. Any surge protection is better than no surge protection
  2. A UPS will provide dependable surge protection
  3. Transformers are the best surge protectors
  4. Voltage-regulating transformers are helpful with computers
  5. Common mode surges cause computer problems
  6. Computer modem damage is caused by surge on the phone line
  7. Signal ground is isolated from chassis ground
  8. The only risk from the power line is hardware damage
  9. Surge protectors are permanent devices
  10. Nothing can stop lightning
  11. You get what you pay for

All those myths! It makes a very interesting reading, indeed.

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