Free movie: Elephants dream

Elephants dream

You were told repetitively so: It’s bad to download movies, this is really bad; Each time you donwload a movie a cute little kitten dies. But in reality, there are movies that you can download for free without going ilegal, without risking the ire of the MPAA. We presented several here. But it is now time to present a very recent movie: Elephants dream.

Neither Cary Grant, nor Ava Gardner. Neither Mel Gibson, nor Spike Lee. But enlightened amateurs, a few pros and a lot of passion to produce this short Open Source film (everything is available: the software programs to do it or redo it, the models, the scripts). Anyway, it is not a technological demonstration of prowess (which took 125 days of heavy computation on 240 dual-core servers to be created) but an art work with its own life and heart.


Should we really talk about synopsis? The scenario is a little troubling at first. But you can easily find your marks. The two characters, young Emo and wise Proog, seem to evolve in a kind of machine that recalls memeories of 1997 Cube of Vincenzo Natali. But there is also a dark fantasy side that may remind you of The Matrix. Proog tries to lead Emo among the dangers and the surprises of the machine. This is the occasion to meet images and environments that can only be described with superlatives even if the depth of characters is not the main argument of this movie.

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