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To all the readers that are interested in keeping in touch with us without even the effort to visit us every day, there are two options that you should keep in mind:

  1. Syndicate this site using RSS Using the RSS feed for the web site. You need to have an RSS reader (one is included in recent versions of Safari, FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer; Several autonomous specialized software programs exist; BlogLines, Google, AOL and others offer such services -See the Add-To category in the let-hand-side column). It has the advantage of using a now-common interface symbolized by the Syndicate this site using RSS logo: You can keep in touch with several web sites at the same time and you are informed any time something new is published.
  2. If you prefer to receive an email each time some new article is posted, you can use the RSSFWD tool. it reads the RSS feed and sends you an email to inform you. Just go to and give the following feed URL:, the service will work in a matter of seconds.

While I’m on the subject of RSS feeds, let me offer a link to the RSS toolbox of Mashable. It gives information about 120+ ressources (readers and utilities) useful to RSS lovers.

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