A few images collected all around the place to celebrate this nice form.

Spiral staircase - by davesag
by davesag
Spiral - recursive daisy - by gadl
by gadl
Spiral by Martin Sweeney
by Martin Sweeney
Square Spiral by whatdavesees
by whatdavesees
Spiral - inside a banana leaf - by GardaWind
by gardawind
Spiral by s e u s s
by s e u s s
Esk Spiral by Pascal
by Pascal
Spiral - Stairway to heaven - by blue fam
by blue fam
Spiral - Wave - by optik
by optik
Spiral - by roddh
by roddh
Spiral - Ammonis Cornua
by NeverB4Breakfast
Spiral - I saw a tendril looking to entwine - by purefinder
by purefinder
Spiral - by tom Q
by tom Q
Spiral - by 0olong
by 0olong
Spiral - by [ Petri ]
by [ Petri ]
Spiral - Hell’s pit - by fdecomite
by fdecomite

Collected on YotoPhoto, Flicker and FlickrCash.