closed?, the American video sharing web site, seems to have closed its doors on the Internet. We knew that they had some financial difficulties, but we had learned that Brad Greenspan, co-founder of MySpace, founder of LiveUniverse, had just bought the site out.

There is still to see if Brad Greenspan will re-launch the site, modify it, or abandon it as it happen sometimes after such a buyout.

In the mean time, some of the videos appearing on and hosted on Revver are no longer available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2 Replies to “ closed?”

  1. Hi there. I am happy to say that is alive and well and open for business; we have not closed our doors at all. If you have videos that are not available, I would assume that you are having some technical difficulties. Please email us and we’ll get that fixed. Thanks.

    –Angela Wilson Gyetvan
    VP, Marketing and Content, Revver

  2. Gee! Fast answer from Revver.

    As far as I can see just now, either the videos are back or there was a problem for my checking of the videos from Shanghai (I was there last week).

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