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When you have a web site, it becomes quite common that some people feel so easy to just borrow your images that they do not even take the time to make a copy on their own web site. Not only do they use your artwork, but they also use the bandwidth you paid for.

Normally, there is a solution. You can modify slightly your website to ensure that if this happens, the image served is not the original one, but a modified one (either a big red X, or a message to the reader). But it is a little difficult to do by hand. A wbe site tool comes handy for this: HTMLbasix – Htaccess Disable Hotlinking Code Generator.

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  1. A few days ago, I actually started to use this method.

    The stats of roumazeilles.net show that it’s more than 17,000 free ads for us that where so delivered to these impolite web sites instead of these images of mine they were trying to use.

    And the count is still climbing.

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