The DTB saws cameras in half

The Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin is a museum presenting a large mount of technology history. Quite naturally, they are biased toward presenting a lot of German achievements and this country is known for hosting some of the very best optical engineers and being rightfully proud of brands like Carl Zeiss, Leitz/Leica.

Charlie Sorrel wrote a piece of article for, titled “Gallery of Sawn-In-Half Cameras” that I intensely recommend reading.




Water cutting machine

Water cutting machine

Now, if seeing them is not enough for you, I suggest that you cut a few of your lenses. The most difficult part is obviously to saw, cut and hack these fragile devices. You need a very powerful and precise saw. I found one at Mainly Metals, a company offering cutting equipment (I no longer can name them “saw”) providing water jet machining.

They cut metal, glass, stone, plastics, wood, with a high-power jet of water filled fine-grain garnet. And, this is environment-friendly!

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