An SLR camera + some software = three videos

Fabian Tischer is obviously gifted to create small videos from visual effects supposed to be simple (but actually quite tough to master) in order to offer us some cool movies:

Berlin TV tower – lift off from Fabian Tischer on Vimeo.

Insider footage showing NASA’s strange theft of famous Berlin landmark.

little airport from Fabian Tischer on Vimeo.

Miniature faking of Tegel Airport in Berlin.
( my first animation test to simulate a tilt shift miniature effect )

music: Mister Electric Demon – CHO7-31ko [CCL]

deadly encounter from Fabian Tischer on Vimeo.

3D-compositing of an accidental encounter with a robot… 🙂

3dsmax & after effects

Check his page often in the future. I believe that his future work will be worth it.




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